The following article was obtained from The People's  Reveille, 1906

Public Schools in Graham County

     Educational conditions in Graham County, are on a par with any other of her neighboring counties and superior to some.

     As soon as any section of the county has been opened up for settlement one of the first signs of the community's permanency has been the school house. No one under the present policy has been compelled to move out of any community in order to avail themselves of school privileges, and it is hoped that soon High School privileges will be in the reach of all.

     In the county there are 84 school districts where school is maintained for an average period of 6 months each year. There are 91 teachers employed at an average wage of $45, to teach the 2647 children of school age, for which Graham County drew from the state fund in 1905, $2,136.41.

     The property valuation of the county, for school purposes is $1,727,735.00. A tax of one mill on this valuation would assure Graham County $1727 for the maintenance of a county high school.

     The Hill City High School, though young in years, needs no apology, it is one of the very best in this section of the state. It is well organized and the students are earnest and intelligent; they are enthusiastic about their school and devoted to their class rooms. The teachers are capable and strong and know thoroughly the subjects they teach.

     Hill City feels proud of her well conducted and efficient High School, and gives it her heartiest support. We hope that it will be made a county High School soon, as more funds will be available and no tuition would be charged to pupils of the county.

Image Original Hill City High School
Hill City High School 1906

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