Article from the People's Reveille - circa - 1908

A.J.Rice - Jerome Shoup

Most people probably imagine that if they had means they would chose to live in some city where the so-called modern conveniences could be enjoyed. But all people do not experience that feeling. As notable examples we mention two gentlemen whose pictures adorn this page. Mr. Jerome Shoup is rated at $100,000.00 and could live in splendor wherever his fancy might lead him. He recently sold a large farm in Illinois preferring to live and invest his money in this county. The other gentleman is A.J. Rice, rated at $200,000.00. He owns some fifteen or twenty sections of land and is living here giving it his personal attention. He was counted the wheat king of Kansas in 1903, raising more wheat than any other one man in Kansas. Surely a county that has attractions for such men as these is not a  very bad place to live in.

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