The following article was obtained from The People's  Reveille, 1906

Pomeroy Hotel

     In outlining the mercantile and industrial interests of Hill City, and in detailing its financial interests in general, special mention must be made of the facilities enjoyed by the patrons of its leading hotel, The Pomeroy.

Image Pomeroy Hotel
The Pomeroy Hotel

     This is a first class modern hotel with accommodations for 75 guests, neat clean and newly furnished. The office is attractive and a daily resort for the city's business men. The parlors are large, light, airy and convenient of access. The dinning room seats 50 people and is well lighted and ventilated. The table is a special feature and is always laden with the choicest food that the market affords, properly cooked and served in good style.

     The transient trade, of which the Pomeroy receives a large share, pronounces it the best $2.00 a day house in this section of the state.

     Mine host, "Uncle Billy," Kehler is a pleasant courteous gentleman. He is has been in the hotel business in Hill City for nearly a quarter of a century, and his guests with one voice agree that he is particularly adapted to this business. He is a genial landlord and spares no pains to please or entertain or make comfortable his guests.

    Mr. Keleher is a native of Ireland and came to California when but six years old. Here he met Mrs. Keleher who was a native of Lowell, Massachusetts. Twenty seven years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Keleher came to Kansas and went into the hotel business at Millbrook. Since that time they have always been proprietors of a hotel either in Millbrook or in Hill City.

     Of the seven Keleher children, one girl and three boys are married and gone, and one girl and two boys are still at home.

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