The "HUB"

Article From:
Hill City Times
Jan 15, 1942

Early Morning Fire Burns Hub Building
Was used as a Cream Station by J.W. Cafferty
Leaves Corner Vacant
Favorable Winds Saves Other Buildings In Block

A fire which is believed to have started on the first floor or basement had gained such headway that it had reached the back stairway and roof of the building before it was discovered, destroyed the building known as "THE HUB" to old timers here.  The building was located on the northeast corner of the block west of the courthouse square.  It was a two story rock building with a rounding corner and was being used by J.W. Cafferty as a cream station and feed store. The cream store was located on the north side. Mr. Cafferty also had a small stock of groceries.

Early Morning Alarm

Fire Chief R. H. Odle said the alarm was turned in around 2:30 Saturday morning by Mrs. Neil Ohman who lives over the John Q. Sayers office. She noticed light from the flames in her bedroom. Mr. Odle said the whole back stairway was on fire when the fireman arrived and as the wind was from the west it had a tendency to sweep the flames toward the front end of the building.  However, it was pointed out, that a strong wind from the north that night might have caused the fire to spread to other business buildings in that block. The next building south is being used as a bowling alley and south of the bowling alley is the National Farm Loan Association.

A Freezing Job

The temperature was down below zero and water froze on the fireman's clothing making it difficult for them to handle the hose. The building had a high firewall on the south and the firemen were able to confine the fire to the one building.

Fire Chief Odle estimated the loss on the building, which was total, at $3,500 and the loss of the contents was estimated at $1,500.  Mr. Odle said he had been informed the building was insured for $2,500 and the contents for $1,000. Mr Cafferty was purchasing from the L. Messick estate under an agreement signed last spring.

Origin Is Unknown

Mr. Odle said he was in the building about 9:30 Friday evening after he and several men had listened to the Louis - Baer fight. At that time, Mr. Odle said, there was little or no fire in the stove and Mr. Cafferty locked the building and rode home with him. "We have been unable to determine how the fire started," Mr. Odle said.

With the large two story building gone from the corner it leaves a noticeable vacant spot in Hill City's business district. The building has been a landmark in Hill City for years.

It Was "THE HUB"

It was built by James P. Pomeroy and its first tenant was Clem Keleher, an uncle of T.C. Keleher.  Mr Keleher operated a first class clothing store for those times and it was here that the Beau Brummells of Graham County's horse and buggy days bought their "Sunday" clothes.  Mr Keleher called his shop the "HUB"  and the name stayed with it until it was no longer used for a clothing store.  Mr Keleher is now living in Kansas City. He sold his stock to Wm. Hardman who is now a Graham county rancher living south of Lenora.  Mr Hardman later disposed of his goods to the late G.A. Price who operated the store as an outlet store for many years before he retired from business and closed out the store. The building has been used for a feed store by several tenants, but Mr. Cafferty had been in the building for several years and operated a feed store longer than his predecessors.

A very unique looking building with a round corner!
Picture Undated - Notice Power Poles Present
From the Hill City Times
"Centennial Salute" Edition
June 30, 1988

First Known Advertisment From
Hill City Republican
Dec 16, 1904
Note: Address of "Main Street"
C.T. Keleher, Proprietor

Advertisement From:
People's Reveille
November 16, 1905

Advertisement From:
People's Reveille
May 3, 1906
Employing Multiple Tailors

Advertisement From:
1906 People's Reveille Souvenir Book
Notice Numerous Businesses

Advertisement From:
People's Reveille
September 26, 1907
Check Out Those Prices!

Advertisement From:
People's Reveille
October 31, 1907
Note: Pomeroy Avenue Address

Advertisement From:
The People's Reveille
October 28, 1909
Note: Wm. Hardman, Proprietor

Hill City New Era
1909 Souvenir Edition
Notice: No Power Poles

First Known Advertisment of Supply Store
Hill City Republican
June 19, 1924
Still Maintaining "HUB" Name

Looking South With Courthouse Square On Left
Note: Cement Sidewalks On Dirt Streets
Picture Undated

This Safe Survived The Years
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The "HUB"


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