The following article was obtained from The People's  Reveille, 1906

Boston Department Store

     The Boston Department Store was organized under the name of the Boston Cash Store in 1896 by J.P. Pomeroy of Colorado Springs. Mr. Pomeroy, who has large interests in Graham County, maintained the store for the benefit of the people and to keep up the business interest in Hill City.

     In August 1904 the stock was sold to D. Weyand of Colorado Springs who conducts the business with the assistance of his two sons and ten clerks.

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Boston Department Store!
     The world advances and times change. The new century looks back to the old and is pleased with the improvement, but the future offers still greater changes. There are many business men who watch the progress of the world, and by offering the best to their customers, are enabled to do their  portion for public improvement. Such men find it a pleasure and an easy matter to keep at the front of the great march of progress.  The public recognize in D. Weyand as proprietor of the Boston Department Store, a man of broad and progressive ideas, whose aim is to make his customers feel that he is guarding their interests while promoting his own. No defective goods are permitted to be sold over his counters and in adjusting his selling prices he is satisfied with a small per cent of profit.

     Mr. Weyand's clerks are polite, attentive and accommodating. The success of the store, therefore, is not such a great surprise.

     The Boston Store ranks among the foremost of the business institutions of the county, ever ready to promote the general welfare its community and herald abroad its claim to special consideration.

     The store is modern throughout, and has five well stocked departments, which meet the catalogue prices of any Mail Order House of the east, furnishing a more desirable line of goods. People should understand that if their community goes backward they go backward; if the growth and prosperity of its business houses is retarded, the interests of each individual is retarded. Home institutions should be patronized. It is safe to say that the Boston Department Store has no superior in this part of the state in the volume and variety of the high class merchandise it carries.

     The time honored principle of quick sales and small profits is strictly adhered to and accounts for the facts that no old goods accumulates, but always the newest and up to date merchandise meets the eye of the prospective purchaser.

     The people realize this a good place to trade which accounts for the rapid growth of the Boston Department Store. In two years its stock has been increased from $20,000 to $35,000, and its sales this year double those of last.

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