Article from the People's Reveille - circa - 1906

Sheriff John Ashcroft

What greater mark of esteem and confidence can the citizens of a community show to one of their fellow men than to elect him to a county office.

The office of sheriff requires a man of undoubted integrity and more than average courage.

Mr. Ashcroft never sought an office prior to the campaign of 1904, but was a prosperous and contented Graham county farmer. He has made an enviable record as one of the most efficient officers Graham county has ever had; one who could not be bluffed out of doing his duty.

Mr. Ashcroft owns a fine farm of 320 acres 18 miles southwest of Hill City. This farm is conveniently arranged and fitted for a first class stock farm and is also well adapted to general farming and grain raising.

Image Ashcroft Farm

It is all fenced and cross fenced and and has an abundance of good water. For five years Mr. Ashcroft has had one hundred acres in wheat averaging a yield of twenty bushels to the acre. He says with the exception of one year he has raised for the last ten years enough corn to fatten twenty-five to thirty-five head of hogs for market besides a goody number for home use.

Mr. Ashcroft is a great admirer of good horses and purchased for the Hill City Horse Co. a fine English Coach Stallion, Glen S., which took second place at the St. Louis fair. He is now managing a breeding stable.

Mr. Ashcroft homesteaded in Graham county in the autumn of 1884. It took several years of hard and constant work to get money to improve his farm. He was married in 1893 and has a family of 5 children.

During his term of office Sheriff Ashcroft lives with his family in their ten roomed house, in the south part of town, but intends to return to his farm at the expiration of his term.

Image Ashcroft Home

Many of you will recognize this house as the current home of  Dennis and Tammy Mersch, 214 East Cedar, Hill City, Ks.

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